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Feature Request: Dark Mode.


I know it's been discussed before and how the Windows theme does not impact non-Windows apps but just wanted to make a recent thread for it.
I think the program is great but after some hours of use in an otherwise dark mode desktop, it is causing eye strain. The white is too bright.
We all know of course the reason why dark modes became popular, especially with developers and media production people, because they're easier on the eyes for long use, less eye strain and can even prevent headaches for some. Less distracting too, just a bit more easier to focus on the tasks at hand. IMHO.

Here's an example of a good simple clean dark mode in TeraCopy:

I know you're not a mult-dozen crew of people so I do not expect much. I only put the requests out there in case you are actually up for taking them on and if you do, how it can make an already great program just that much better.

Thank you for a great program and for your time and consideration with this request.

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