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Workflow - how to question

Using ver 4.4 - last version for windows 2000. Trying to create a once a day reboot then to run two separate batch files. Robocopy.bat and rename.bat
I understand I need to run 3 instances of Shutter
Are these all defined as 3 different presets? eg Reboot on a particular time, Robo - start Robocopy.bat - on time 10 mins later , Rename - start on time 10 mins later rename.bat - with each instance options set to start and monitor on windows boot up. How do I start each preset manually or do I just reboot computer to start all 3 instances? - or do I create shortcuts?

I suppose I could just make a reboot configuration of shutter and use system scheduler for the batch files.


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Re: Workflow - how to question

The general workflow is covered in this wiki article:

In summary, Shutter monitors for the events to be triggered according to the selected logic, then all actions will be executed one by one.

Once you break down your scenarios into such workflows, you'll pretty much get the presets for Shutter to operate. Your can operate any number of presets simultaneously and independently of each other, where each preset is executed by a separate instance of Shutter.

So far I see three separate presets:

1) Wait until time X, then reboot.
2) Wait for 10 minutes, then execute Robocopy.bat.
3) Wait for 20 minutes, then execute Rename.bat.

Now you create shortcuts for these presets to start them automatically (via the "Create Links to Presets" option from the main menu) and place these shortcuts into your system startup folder.

You could also combine the latter two presets, by turning them into a chain of actions:

2+3) Wait for 10 minutes, then execute Robocopy.bat, then execute Rename.bat.


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