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den4b & krtec - FANCLUB well? acknowledge them !

well acknowledge them then, cool:rolleyes::mad::lol::P:/;):|

den4b - nomination for a very well produced piece of software that (supurbly) "does wot it sez on the lis'tin" yikes [1st] option

krket - nomination for "dont quote me but" seems to answer most Queries ? big_smile [2nd] option (den busy with the newcoding?) cool

den4b/krtec (a hybrid non-entity:|) - nomination for passing knowledge-base too the masses for free big_smile - - - - - - - - -[3rd] option

as a programming language, tester? Actually integrated with windows - mabey  lol 
or other explain why BUT - vote NOW ! !   add a 1-2 or 3 (max 3, 1-2, 2-1) to who's so-ever's column !!!!

the last post's scores , must be sequential eg [0][0][3] yours must follow correctly

FANCLUB ? starts here -   [donate]  - - - - - - -  - - - too other regular forum contributers - I apologise {:P}

starter posts initial vote as - [0][0][3] - may your god go with you


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Re: den4b & krtec - FANCLUB well? acknowledge them !

Well... Again the machine code and not the natural language.
And "Help and Support" is the last place where it should be posted (well, maybe "Bugs" is the last big_smile ).
I wish I could move it to Off-topic.

Thanks Denis!

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Regular Expressions are not as hard to understand as you may think. Check ReNamer's manual or nice Regular Expressions tutorial for more info and start to use full power of applications that use them (like ReNamer, Mp3Tag and so on).


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Re: den4b & krtec - FANCLUB well? acknowledge them !

DroidDotBot, this is your first and last warning!

You have to start writing in a proper and easily understood manner! Your words and sentences do not make any sense most of the time and nobody can understand them. If you cannot do this your-self, then ask somebody else to write it on your behalf. I am sorry, but any future posts in the same format will be deleted, and can possibly get you banned from the site.


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