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Include your apps in http://portableapps.com/ ?

http://portableapps.com/ is a really cool site for exactly that - portable apps.  As I understand it - your apps are already portable or could be easily made so and are already freeware right?  I am not sure if a criteria of these apps is that they are open source, but I just thought that it may be something worth considering - it would get a lot of exposure to your apps I guess - this is a pretty highly acclaimed project.


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Re: Include your apps in http://portableapps.com/ ?

Yes, my applications are already portable. I was already thinking about putting my apps onto U3 (software.u3.com), but didn't yet get my hands on it. Not enough free time, unfortunately. As soon as I get some time, I will try to put some of the programs onto U3 and PortableApps! Anyway, thanks for the suggestion! smile


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Re: Include your apps in http://portableapps.com/ ?

I'll love to have a portable version integrated to P Apps. big_smile

There is no renamer software included yet in PApps (only development)

And you'll have a lot of new users!

It may be good to include some default presets as well like a Proper() etc

Since renamer is already potable you only need to match the format see:



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