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Happy Birthday - ReNamer is 1 Year old :)

About a year ago I was desperately looking for a good (powerful, easy to use, with many features) renaming program, and guess what?! I didn't find anything that suited me. So there I was, starting from scratch, developing a perfect renamer - very ambitious, isn't it wink If I remember correctly, the very first version which went public was 1.61. It was an April of 2004; I've uploaded ReNamer to SpanFiles.com and few other software listing sites. Since then it started to spread out like mad smile By the end of October 2005, it reached more then 20'000 downloads only at SpanFiles.com.

Want to say "Thank You" to all of you smile  I will continue developing ReNamer, to make it even better! Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated, so do not hesitate to write me.  And last few weeks I was working hard to bring you a new version, and here it is: ReNamer 2.20 !!!  Enjoy smile)

* Andrey Sorokin at www.regexpstudio.com - his Regular Expressions library has been incorporated;
* Andre v.d. Merwe - his work made it possible to read OLE Summary Information from files;
* Anders Melander - his TGIFImage library added ability of getting dimensions for GIF images;

What's New:
* now supports Regular Expressions, added as a new rule called RegEx!!!
* added 4 new MetaTags to read OLE Summary Information: Title, Author, Subject and NumberOfPages;
* added support of GIF files for Image dimension MetaTags;
* added File_DOSName MetaTag, to extract the DOS name of the file;
* sorting options (criteria, asc/desc, path/name) are remembered now;
* added option to the Settings: "Resort table when files are added";
* items which have failed Undo operation are now marked as failed;
* fixed error when Delete rule is activated with an empty delimiter;
* fixed small bugs within Filename Validation procedures;
* small optimizations for processing MetaTags and Rules;


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