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Triple update: ReNamer 2.30, Shutter 1.02, CPUMon 1.46

ReNamer gets a better looking interface and some additional options, while Shutter and CPUMon get important maintenance updates. A lot of user interaction has been made, it is much appreciated and your suggestions are always taken in count. Thanks for your quality feedback smile

What's New - ReNamer:
* added 3 new MetaTags: Email_DateSent, Email_Subject, Email_From;
  they represent associated fields from the header of an email, according
  to the specifications in RFC2822;
* FileName reserved characters are automatically stripped out from returns
  of the MetaTags of type HTML, ID3, OLE, Email.
* Validate function moved to a separate menu, accessible via Options button;
* added Highlight option to highlight all the changed names in the table;
* added Maximize Table option to fit table on the whole client area;
* Rule Tabs are hidden, leaving more space for the rest of components;
* added Clearing options for Clearing Marked and Not Marked items;
* added Selecting option for Selecting files by their filename length;
* Analyze button moved to the new Options popup menu;
* other graphical changes/improvements;

What's New - Shutter:
* workaround for an issue with InactivityTimer.dll; timer could have been reset
  even when no mouse actions were made, due to Windows' nature of sending
  WM_MOUSEMOVE messages on change of focus/capture;

What's New - CPUMon:
* support for Memory capacities larger then 4GB (physical + swap);
* added ability to Reset Statistics, via Statistics window;


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