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ReNamer 3.00 Coming Soon!!

Yes, a lot of work had to be done for this release! The entire Rules System is re-designed and re-written, loads of optimization to the code, and other graphical changes. The biggest change from the user point of view is that the rules are no longer a static list - they are added dynamically! Which means you can have as many Insert rules (or any other) as you want, using different configuration for each one of them smile

It is in its earliest Beta stage. I might have broken some functionality, since a lot of radical changes have been done to the code. I did some simple tests and it all seems to work great! But I would like users which would want to participate, give it a try, test it, and submit me a feedback report on how it went. Thank you for your help!

Latest development build can be downloaded from here: ReNamer Beta.


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