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ReNamer 3.00 is out to get you!!

As you can see on the list below, quite a few new things have been added. Before you start using the new version, note that presets from older versions are not longer valid, starting from this version. This new rules system gives a lot of room for new features, which will be added shortly, i.e.: Auto Preview, Command-Line support, Scripting rule, etc. Thanks to people who tested it, even thought we did not reveal any serious bugs. So, you can give it a try now: Installer, Archive smile

What's New:
* Completely re-designed the Rules System - rules became dynamic objects,
  this makes them very flexible and extensible, and easier to use;
* GUI of the main window is re-designed, optimizing for dynamic contents;
* Major optimizations to almost every rule;
* Each rule provides a human readable Statement for its configuration;
* Presets from older versions are not longer valid, starting from this version;
* Fixed bug in Translit rule, in some cases last characters would not be translated
  if a new name has increased in length, due to some non-english letters been
  represented by 2 or more english characters;
* Minor optimizations to the processing of Meta Tags;
* Added Option to Export file table contents into: CSV, TXT, XML;
* Case rule is able to invert case of not english letters as well;
* Added option to Incremental Serialization to reset Index when folder changes;
* Added File_TimeCreated and File_TimeModified meta tags;
* Added 6 new AVI format related meta tags: AVI_Width, AVI_Height,
  AVI_FramesPerSecond, AVI_TotalFrames, AVI_DurationMins, AVI_DurationSecs;
* Updated Audio Tools Library to v2.3, used for extracting ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags;
* Image meta tags for getting dimensions now support PNG and TIFF formats;
* EXIF Date and Time meta tags now support TIFF files as well as JPEG;
* Added another special sort by Folder Structure;
* Translit rule is case-sensitive now;


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