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ReNamer 3.30

Many graphical user interface related improvements. Few optimizations, few fixes, and few very handy extensions for Translit and PascalScript rules.

What's New:
* Updated Presets Manager, added Load and Copy functions;
* Updated Save Preset dialog, added list of existing presets;
* Added options to Copy and Cut files from the table to Clipboard;
* Filename of the INI file is constructed from the Filename of the Executable;
* Improved speed of loading list of files from PLS, M3U and TXT files.
* Loading New Names from Text File is combined together with User Input;
* Dates & Times (Created and Modified) of the Folders are displayed correctly;
* PascalScript Examples are savable/loadable scripts;
* Translit Alphabets are savable/loadable text files;
* Faster processing of Meta Tags;
* Added Email_TimeSent meta tag;
* OLEInfo* meta tags were renamed to Document*;
* Fixed memory leak after processing Document* meta tags;
* Fixed problem with displaying size of the files bigger then 2Gb;
* Fixed incorrect sorting by Last Modified Time;


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