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ReNamer 4.00 Final

First Release Candidate of V4.00 was out 2 weeks ago, and it proved to be stable. Minor bugs were discovered and fixed in this release.

What's New:
* Added ability to sort files by State column, comparing state indexes;
* Added options to control the default behavior of adding folders;
* Reorganized Settings window, some options moved, few tabs renamed;
* Fixed not working selection by extension (4.00 related bug);
* Fixed a problem with WideUpperCase and WideLowerCase not functioning
  correctly on Windows 9x platforms, due to issues in Delphi system units,
  which broke all case-related functionality for Windows 9x (4.00 related bug);
* Fixed access violation problem when using Browse dialog on Windows 9x
  platforms (4.00 related bug);


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