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Norton declares this site as unsafe

While downloading reNamer, I noticed that Norton AV reports www.den4b.com as unsafe.
See http://safeweb.norton.com/report/show?url=den4b.com for further information.

It seems that Norton has found some problems with Hooker.

To: den4b - This might scare off less enthusiastic supporters. Perhaps you could fix the problems reported about Hooker of put it on a different site. That might increase traffic for your other products.

BTW - Love reNamer. Can not work without it.


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Re: Norton declares this site as unsafe

Trojan Horse detection? Possibly because of the way Hooker functions.
Adware.Gen detection? Pfft, false positive by stupid Norton. Who uses that anyway nowadays? roll

To put you at ease, I personally scanned both the Hooker and Hooker_Beta files with NOD32 (with latest defs of course), Kaspersky, MBAM and SAS. As expected, clean as a whistle. VirusTotal says the same, except that some AV programs incorrectly identify it as a potentially unwanted program or malware. Like I said, that's because of the way the program functions, which is similar to some malware-like techniques. Many security-related programs also generate similar warnings because of their very nature. I'm not too sure Denis can change the way the program functions completely to get rid of all those warnings. Better that you contact Norton and tell them to update their database.


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