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Compare TWO files in ONE dialog by dragging two files?

The current implementation of Hasher is focused primarily on calculating the Hash of ONE file.

What I need very often is to binary compare CONVENIENTLY (!) the content of two (big) files.

For this I would appreciate if the next Hasher could offer a dialog where I can drag&drop either
- first file and then second
or (even better)
- mark two files (in WinExplorer) and drag&drop them onto the dialog window of Hasher.

Hasher should automatically start comparing them and tell the result e.g. in the status bar.

Moreover Hasher should be able to handle very big files (e.g. 2 GB *.iso archives).

And the file timestamps should be ignored or optional ignorable.

Is this possible in the next release?
I think all parts are already available in Hasher but must just be re-arranged. So implementation cost is small.

Thank you


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Re: Compare TWO files in ONE dialog by dragging two files?

Hasher3Alpha should do it, though you'll have to ask where to get it from ?

Note that if you're comparing many such files you may be better off with a duplicate file finder - such that as soon as non-match is found (therefore hashes will not compare) it stops that comparison & moves on to the next (set of files).

@den4b, note that the Hasher Softpedia download link is both outdated (showing only version 1.00, not even 1.20) & broken.

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