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Socket error #11004

Hi all, I'm new to this forum smile

I'm trying to get the Hooker keylogger setup working but having a bit of problem with it.........I want to set it up so that it sends the logs to my email. I made sure the settings are all correct and when I click "Send test email", it popped up an error saying something like "socket error: 11004". All those settings work fine on my Outlook or Poppeeper (3rd party email checking client) and I've also tried my Gmail and Hotmail settings as well but they don't work.

The 2nd problem is, how do I backup the saved settings? I don't see a .ini file or any file created after I setup Hooker.....

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Socket error #11004


This is a standard system error. Your best bet is using google to find the solution or the cause: Socket Error 11004.

Socket error #11004 - Valid name, no data record of requested type, which is usually a DNS problem.

  • Make sure the address you are trying to connect to is typed correctly.

  • If you are trying to connect with a domain name try with its IP number instead. (ping the domain name from command prompt to get its IP address.)

  • Make sure your firewall, anti-virus or any other security program is not blocking the connection or port the program is using.

Hooker stores its settings in Hooker.ini file in the same folder where the executable file is. The file is created when application terminates.

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