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Christmas holidays, away for 2 weeks!

Hello Everyone! smile

I would like to take an opportunity to wish all of you a Very Happy Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!! It has been a very-very productive and busy year, especially the period when the year gets to its end. Unfortunately, I didn't have as much time as I would've wanted to spend on development of my programs, due to incredible amount of work that I had to do recently, so I will try to find more time in next year! Just as well, I'm leaving for my Christmas holidays in less than 20 hours! big_smile I will be gone for about 2 weeks, and will not be as active as usual, but will still be around on forums.

P.S. You can feel free to ask Dloneranger any questions you might have, I'm fairly confident that he will be able to answer most of them quicker than me! wink

P.P.S. Dloneranger, it's a pay back for "pretty glyphs" tongue


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Re: Christmas holidays, away for 2 weeks!

<censored> ;-)


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