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Please write a program for automatic file sorting based on rules


I am a big fan of Renamer.

Could/would you please write a program for automatic file sorting based on rules?
It should be as good & friendly as Renamer and not cost more than a pair of shoes.

Since Renamer is a very good program based on rules, I assume that this would be pretty easy for you to make? (*)

Like a table with 4 columns and an unlimited amount of rows (=unlimited amount of rules)
-in the 1st column I would type the name/description (or copy/paste a part of the filename)
-in the 2nd one I would type the rule for the filename (or duplicate a similar rule and adapt it)
-in the 3rd one I would select/check what should happen to that file
(like move to, or copy to, or move + leave a shortcut here (or the opposite), or copy to 2 or 3 different folders (when those folders are on different/removable hard disks), or move to that folder and make a shortcut in folder ... and folder ... (when it's all on the same local disk(s)) but not when it's read-only, then it should check with me 1st
-in the 4th one I would copy/paste the name of the folder(s) where it should go to; if it doesn't exist, the program could offer to create it
-my list should be able to be sorted alphabetically on the 1st column, not to be saved like that, but just to have a look at it
-the things that should happen to the file (copy/move/shortcut...) could be in different colours, like the word copy in blue, the word move in green, red for something more dramatic like delete
-maybe one more column just for me to leave a comment in case I would like to do so
-it should tell me how many files it moved (like in the status bar or in some notification area), so that I can feel some pleasure that the program did all that work for me wink  I would just relax having 1 big messy folder while my little butler will get my stuff sorted
-there was one more thing, but I forgot meanwhile

I hope you can't wait to start making it
You don't have a smiley for slightly embarrassed, otherwise I would add it here



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Re: Please write a program for automatic file sorting based on rules

Hi Caroline,

As much as I would love to jump into the development of a new tool - I can not allow nor afford myself to do so.

However, if you would like to invest into the development of such a tool then I would happily discuss a possible specification, budget and timeline. But I must note that it would certainly cost more that a pair of very expensive shoes.


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Re: Please write a program for automatic file sorting based on rules

I wish I could but it is not the case.
Thank you for the feedback.


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