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Hasher 3.1

This update for Hasher brings many seemingly small improvements to the user interface, which, when combined together, should result in a significantly improved user experience.

Full list of changes in Hasher 3.1:

* Additional fixes for visual artifacts caused by messages window;
* Simplified and platform independent method for remembering form dimensions;
* Fix for failed toggling of messages on some system configurations;
* Added option to remember location of the log viewer;
* Use restored (not maximized) form dimensions for remembering locations;
* Log Viewer and Hash Text dialogs are no longer shown on taskbar;
* Comparison of files will display a failure if no same type hashes available;
* Display all hints in the status bar instead of tooltips;
* Added hints for clickable panels in the status bar;
* Added hints for mini-buttons of hash operations (select, copy, compare);
* Added a button to rehash the current file (beside the file path field);
* Disable clearing of the log while hashing is in progress;
* Handle errors gracefully when saving the log, do not abort application;
* General options moved to a dedicated Settings dialog;
* Added option to display toolbar button captions;
* Messages panel is now resizable, allowing maximization of main window;
* Automatically paste content from clipboard into hash comparison window;
* Added option to compare a user specified hash to all available hash types;
* Select all log entries with a CTRL+A shortcut;
* Added option to remember location of the main window;
* Compact version numbering for major releases, e.g.: v1.0 instead of v1.0.0.0;


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