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ReNamer 6.1

ReNamer 6.1 is here!

You may have already heard of, or even tried an early preview of, the revamped and reborn ReNamer 6.0. Well, after months of really tough development work it's finally ready for prime time!

Without further ado, let's get to the changes in this major release:

  • Ported to an open-source cross platform development environment, Lazarus. This brings tons of improvements and possibilities, including potential releases for Mac and Linux platforms.

  • Built-in languages and easy translation. ReNamer comes bundled with 6 additional languages: Russian, Spanish, French, Serbian, Japanese and Polish. More will be added with your help!

  • Updated components library and icons to produce a more streamlined and modern look and feel.

  • Store all user data in user profile directory for Installer version. This addresses long standing issues with compatibility on latest versions of Windows.

  • Scripting experts, and beginners too, will love the new Pascal Script editor with syntax highlighting and code folding capabilities.

  • Improved Unicode support of auxiliary functionality.


Hold on... what happened to major 6.0 release? We jumped over 6.0 release as it was a development branch of what has become 6.1.

Download the latest version of ReNamer!

Full list of changes in v6.1 since v6.0.0.1:

* Added DayOfMonth, DayOfYear, WeekOfMonth, WeekOfYear functions to PascalScript;
* DayOfWeek fuction in PascalScript now returns 1=Monday to 7=Sunday, instead of 1=Sunday to 7=Saturday;
* Added meta tags for extracting sent date from emails in UTC and original time zones, in addition to default local time zone;
* Fixed incorrect timezone adjustment for Email_DateSent and Outlook_DateHeader meta tags, causing dates to be UTC instead of local timezone in some cases;
* Included high resolution application icon 256x256;
* Added new functions to PascalScript: WideTrimChars, WideTrimCharsLeft, WideTrimCharsRight, WideCopyRight, WideDeleteRight;
* Common component library dialog messages and buttons are now translated;
* Updated Japanese language file;
* Store all user data in user profile directory for Installer version;
* Automatic migration of data from VirtualStore;
* Use Settings.ini instead of <Application>.ini naming for settings;
* Unicode support for names of scripts, translits, presets;
* Added "Case sensitive" option to the Strip rule;
* Added scope options to the Strip rule: Everywhere, Leading, Trailing;
* List of languages is sorted alphabetically instead of file system order;
* Added native language names to language titles;
* Language details and list of translators are stored in PO file headers;
* List of translators is displayed upon selecting a different language;
* Display popup menus for Alphabet and Scripts buttons below the button;
* Added hints to the main window status bar;
* Resized components on Terms Of Use form to fit captions;
* Added menu accelerators to all context menus;
* Added WideCaseSentence function to PascalScript rule;
* Added Languages menu;

Full list of changes in v6.0.0.1 since v5.76:

* Converted application project from Delphi 7 to Lazarus/FPC;
* Added multilingual support using PO files in Languages folder;
* Added built-in version information, moving to x.x.x.x versioning;
* Updated icons from BMP to PNG with alpha-blending;
* Converted mini buttons above rules and files tables into toolbars with automatic resizing to better fit localized text;
* Error column is now visible by default;
* Replaced PascalScript package (from SVN dated 11 November 2008) with an updated version from component library in Lazarus;
* EXIF, IPTC, HTML meta tags can now handle Unicode filenames;
* Added toolbar button for accessing context menu of files table columns;
* UserInput rule can now read content from Unicode filenames;
* Advanced Pascal Script editor with syntax highlighting, code folding, etc;
* Correctly restore negative window position on multi-monitor setups;
* Pascal Script code can contain Unicode characters (internally stored as UTF8 encoded string);
* Display icon in the context menu for "Add to ReNamer" option;
* Items added via /enqueue parameter are sent in a group instead of individually, to prevent auto preview and validation per sent item;


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