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Hasher 3.2

This update for Hasher focuses on bringing in the multilingual user interface.

Translations for 5 languages are available at the moment:

  • Chinese Simplified - by WanderMax

  • Italian - by Marino de Stena

  • Portuguese (Brazil) - by Igor Rückert

  • Romanian - by Florin David

  • Russian - by Denis Kozlov

Don't see your language here? Check out Localization guide if you would you like to create a translation for your own language.

Full list of changes in Hasher 3.2:

* Added Chinese Simplified (zh_CN) translation file;
* Added Italian (it) translation file;
* Added Romanian (ro) translation file;
* Changed full language title from "Title (Native)" to "Title - Native";
* Added Portuguese (Brazil) translation file;
* Added multilingual support using PO files in Languages folder;
* Added Russian language file;
* Fixed encoding mix-up in registration data handling;
* Added high resolution icon 256x256 and cleaned up 16x16;
* Adjusted positioning of components to better fit localized text;


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