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Inquiry about Hooker license

Hello, I am looking forward to buy pro version of Hooker, but I can only buy license for 1 computer, with this license I am able to use the program in more than one computer as long as it is not at the same time? For example, can I use it in one computer and then delete the program after using it for 2 weeks, another week after that can I use it in another computer?

English is not my native language so I don't quite understand the "Specified number of computers (or licenses) defines the maximum number of computers which can have the product installed at any one time" part.

Thank you so much to anyone who answers me.


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Re: Inquiry about Hooker license

Your understanding of the licensing terms is correct.

If you buy a license for 1 computer, then you can use it only on 1 computer at any one time. You can unregister a license on one machine and register it on a different machine, as long as you do not exceed the maximum allowed number of registered computers at any one time.

I hope this clarifies.


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