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This article describes localization/translation of the software, please read it all carefully before attempting to participate.

Translation guide

Translating a product to a different language can be performed using two methods:

  1. Text file - simply fill in the mapping of original text with translated text.
  2. Localization project - using 3rd party localization tool.

Text file

The text file contains a triplet separated by an equal sign "=" like so:


Where components are:

  • CONTEXT - identifies the component associated with the text (do not edit).
  • ORIGINAL - original text (do not edit).
  • TRANSLATION - translated text (edit this part).

Here is a snippet of the translated text file:

ReNamer.exe.Forms.TFORM_ABOUT.Caption=About=О программе ReNamer.exe.Forms.TFORM_ADDRULE.Caption=Add Rule=Добавить правило ReNamer.exe.Forms.TFORM_ADDRULE.GroupBox_Config.Caption=Configuration:=Конфигурация: ReNamer.exe.Strings.MyStrings.NAME_FilesCounter=%d files=%d файлов ReNamer.exe.Strings.MyStrings.NAME_AnalyzeTextCursor=Line #3D %d, Left #3D %d, Right #3D %d=Строка #3D %d, Слева #3D %d, Справа #3D %d

Important notes:

Steps for translating a product to your (any) language:

  1. Download the localization file, either
    • Plain text file
    • Localization project file