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This wiki has been set up in order to establish a collaborative system for creating online documentation. Here you can find a collection of articles related to applications hosted on this site. Hopefully, with time, this wiki will become an extensive source of information, replacing the need for separate user manuals.

User Manuals

Below is a list of applications for which we have documentation. You can help us expand and improve online documentation by providing contributions.

  • ReNamer - File and folder renamer.
  • Shutter - Multipurpose task launcher.
  • Hooker - Keyboard activity spy.
  • Resizer - Batch image resizer.
  • Colors - Color picker and converter.
  • Hasher - File hashing utility.
  • RandPass - Random password generator.

General Articles

How to contribute

The content of this wiki is created by people who have simply decided to devote some of their time. Anyone can contribute, and the first step would be to get a wiki account. Anonymous editing is disabled. Registration of new accounts is sometimes suspended to prevent spam-bots, in which case you must contact administrator directly via forum or email (found in About dialog of every product) in order to get an account.

Have a look at the Help page which contains basic information on how to get started, and make sure you check out Editing Guidelines.

If you need ideas for new articles check out the list of Wanted Pages or go for products which do not already have documentation.