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Product registration is a simple process which is necessary to activate your purchase.

  • When you download, install and run a product for the first time you get the Lite version (non-commercial license).
  • To activate your purchase or a Pro version (commercial license) you will need a product registration code.

Locate your registration code

You will receive your product registration code in an email soon after you complete the purchase. Please locate the registration code, either in plain text or as a file attachment.

Example of the registration code in plain text:


Note: The registration code may be surrounded by dashed lines which should not be included when copying the code into the registration dialog.

Activating the registration code

Download, install and run the product that you wish to activate.

On the first run you should see "Terms of Use" dialog. Please click on the "Enter registration code" button, copy your registration code and paste it into the "Registration" window.

If you have been using the product already you will not see the "Terms of Use" dialog. In that case, please open "Help" » "Register" from the main menu of the product to get to the "Registration" window.

Product activation can also be automated for deploying on a large number of computers.

Registration code not working

If you have any difficulties with registration process, please contact us by email mentioned in the About dialog, or simply respond to the email in which you have received your registration code.

License has expired

If your license has expired, the application will be automatically downgraded from Pro to Lite version.

A license can have different expiration criteria:

  1. Expiry date - Means that your license is no longer valid as it has reached an expiration date. You need to purchase a new license to activate the Pro version.
  2. Upgrade expiry date - Means that a period of free upgrades associated with your license has expired. This usually happens when you are using a significantly newer version which falls outside of your "free upgrade" window. You can either fallback to an older version of the application or purchase a new license to activate the Pro version.

You can remove an expired license by opening "Help" » "Unregister" from the main menu of the application.

Note: You have to remove an expired license before activating a new registration code.

Transferring to a different computer

If you wish to transfer your license to a different computer:

  1. Deactivate on the old computer via "Help" » "Unregister" from the main menu.
  2. Activate on the new computer via "Help" » "Register" using the same registration code.

Note: The product registration code is issued for a specific number of computers. This is the maximum number of computers which can have Pro version installed at any one time.

Automating product activation

Customers who need to perform product activation on a large number of computers can automate this procedure. This can be especially useful when deploying an Unlimited license across an entire organization.

Please contact the support team for more information.