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There can be several reasons for a failed renaming operation. Validation process will try to prevent some common problems prior to renaming by raising warnings during the preview process, but it cannot catch all possible problems. The most common reasons for failed renaming are as follows:

Reason Solution
File path exceeds MAX_PATH characters Shorten the length of file name. Or the name of the folders to reach it, but note that you'll probably need to add them to the list again.
Destination file already exists (name conflict) There are multiple options:
Source file does not exist This can happen because:

Just remove the items listed in Files pane, and then add them again (with the new path).

The file is being blocked by other program Find the program that is currently using the file (using utilities like the Windows Task Manager or Process Explorer) and close it. (Sometimes the file is still being downloaded, in which case just wait!)
You don't have sufficient privileges to rename the file. Get privileges by contacting the Admin (or the owner if the item is shared on a neighborhood PC). If you are the Admin, check the permissions of the folder.
Invalid destination path You may have included invalid characters to the file name, such as: