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CleanUp Rule


This rule cleans up the filenames from (or for) commonly used naming conventions for Internet, peer-to-peer networks and other resources. Multiple problems can be removed at once.

The parameters are as follows:

Parameter Details
Strip out content of brackets A typical use of this option is to strip the needless comments attached to filenames, such as (best!!).
  • This option removes the brackets also.
  • You can select any/all of the various types of brackets.

If you do NOT want to delete the content within the brackets, use the Strip rule instead.

Replace these characters with spaces These characters occurring in the file names are removed and a space is inserted in their place.
Fix spaces Replace multiple consecutive spaces with a single space.

It also removes spaces from the beginning and the end of the filename:

  • If skip extension is selected it removes spaces from the beginning and end of the base name (before the extension).
  • If skip extension is deselected it removes spaces from the beginning and from the end of the filename (after the extension).
Normalize unicode spaces Replace all Unicode white space characters with a standard space bar character code. Unicode character set contains a number of different characters (C1_SPACE type) that represent a white space with slightly different properties (e.g. wider, narrower, etc).
Strip unicode marks Strip unicode marks, including combining marks, diacritics and accents.

For example, it will convert "á" to "a", "Ñ" to "N", "X̅" to "X", and so on.

Insert a space in front of capitalized letters Often words in the file name are just joined together, without spaces or underscores to separate them. Each word begins with a capital letter, so that you can read it easily.

This option separates such words in the file name.

For example, SeparateTheseWords.pdf becomes Separate These Words.pdf.

(Note that if there is a capitalized letter at the very beginning of the name, ReNamer does NOT add a space before it.)

Prepare for SharePoint Prepares the file for hosting it on Microsoft Sharepoint.
  1. strips standard forbidden filename characters
  2. strips consecutive dots
  3. strips #, %, ~, &
  4. replaces { and } with ( and )
Skip extension If this check box is selected, the extension will be ignored by the rule.