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Randomize Rule


This rule inserts randomly generated sequences of specified length and using a selection characters (digits, letters, or a custom set).

Several common practical uses:

  1. Randomize the order files.
  2. Destroy existing filenames.

The parameters are as follows:

Parameter Description
Length of random sequence Specify how many characters your random sequence should have.

For example, if you are using only digits and set length to 4, you will will get random numbers from 0000 to 9999 (inclusive).

Unique if possible Normally, randomly generated values can repeat themselves. If this option is selected, ReNamer will generate unique values (no repetition) when possible.
Characters to use The set of characters which will be used for generating random sequences.

You can choose between using digits (0..9), English letters (a..z) or specify your custom set of characters.

Insert where Specify where to insert the number (see below for individual options).

Options for where to insert the number:

Option Description
Prefix Before the original filename
Suffix After the original filename
Position Insert the number at the specified position.
Replace current name Inserted number replaces the entire filename.
Skip extension Exclude file extension when calculating the position for insertion.