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Serialize Rule


This rule works on a set of files, and inserts a incremental numeric series or a random sequences of digits in the names of those file names.

When the incremental option is chosen, the files listed in the pane are numbered in ascending order. Thus, the position of the file in the list becomes important. Check the order of the files in the list before applying this rule.


  1. You have a bunch of log files, and you want to make them look like "log0001", "log0002", "log0003", etc.
  2. You want to force specific sorting for files: "01 - Song XYZ", "02 - Song ABC", "03 - Song YYY", etc.

The parameters are as follows:

Parameter Details
Incremental Inserts serialized numbers in the names of the files placed in the Files pane of ReNamer.
Index start Starting number. If the folder already has some files with serialized numbers, start with the next number.
Step Usually 1, but you may like to enter a higher number here if files with intermediate numbers are expected later.
Reset if folder changes Since ReNamer can work on files collected from multiple folders, this control allows you to reset the number for each of those folders. The effect is as if you are repeating the same commend for each of the folders separately.
Random Inserts a random number in the file name.
Length Specify how many digits your random number should have.
  • ReNamer will create random numbers with specified length (number of digits). So a length of 4 means the random digits will be from 0000 to 9999 (inclusive).
  • Note that the numbers are NOT padded by default
Unique if possible Normally, random numbers can repeat themselves. If this option is selected, ReNamer will try to use unique numbers.
Pad with zeros to reach length ReNamer will pad the remaining places with leading zeros. For example, a random number 457 becomes 000457 if the padded to 6 digits, and 0457 if padded to 4 digits.
Insert where Specify where to insert the number.
Prefix Before the original file name
Suffix After the original file name (just before the dot)
  • If the skip extension option is selected, the specified text will be inserted after the extension.
Position Insert the padded number at the specified position.

Note that if the "pad with zeros" option (above) is selected, the padded number is inserted.