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Strip Rule


Strip characters from the filename. The rule has predefined character sets, like digits, symbols and brackets, but you can also define your own character set. All occurrences of the specified characters will be removed from the filename.

Character set parameters:

Parameter Details

Strip all English characters (both capital and small).

  • Numbers (0-9) will not be stripped.
  • Non-English characters will not be stripped.
    (e.g. characters with diacritical mark, which are used in many languages in Europe and Asia)
Digits Strip digits
Symbols Strip symbols (all characters that are considered to be symbols are showed in the box on the right)
Brackets Strip brackets (but not the contents of the brackets)
  • If you want to delete the content as well, use the CleanUp rule instead.
User-defined Define any character that needs to be stripped off.
  • Note that this is not a string. All characters in the entry are searched for individually and removed.

Other parameters:

Parameter Details
Strip all characters except selected

Retains the selected characters only, and strips the rest.

  • This option is very useful to strip all non-English characters: Select this option along with the English option above.
Skip extension If this check box is selected, the extension will be ignored by the rule.