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Right-click on the Rules table to see the context menu that allows you to manager the rules.

Action Shortcut Description
Add Rule Ins Add a new rule
Edit Rule Enter Edit the selected rule.
Duplicate Rule Shift+Ins Duplicate the selected rule. Duplicated rule will appear just below the original rule.
Remove Rule Del Remove the rule (see note below)
Remove All Rules Shift+Del Remove all rules (see note below)
Move Up Ctrl+Up Move the rule upward in the stack
Move Down Ctrl+Down Move the rule downward in the stack
Mark All Shift+M Mark all rules (all of them will be active on the marked files)
UnMark All Shift+U Unmark all rules (all rules become inactive). This is useful if you have added too many rules and getting strange results. First, unmark all rules, so that none of them is active. And then add (mark) one rule at a time and see its incremental effect on the files.

Note: If the rule is edited but not saved, then the changes are lost.