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Sorting files in the Files pane can be done either manually or automatically. Manual sorting is done via the files table context menu. Automatic sorting is done via the Files pane column headers. ReNamer allows you to sort files by any of the available columns. Below are shown two examples where files are sorted by Name in ascending order and by Created Date in descending order.

ReNamer Sort Name Ascending.png ReNamer Sort Date Descending.png

Simply left-click on the column by which you would like to sort. You should see sort icon ReNamer Sort Triangle Ascending.png (ascending) appear beside the column name. Click again on the same column to sort in descending order, and the icon will change to ReNamer Sort Triangle Descending.png (descending).

Right-click on the column headers in order to get the full list of available columns and get an option to cancel the sorting.

ReNamer Files Table Columns.png