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Confused about renaming

I think the program will do what I want, but maybe I am having a bad day. I want to take my graphic files of
format PICT0177. JPG and rename them to the date and time in the EXIF information.
ie.  PICT0177.JPG might become 05-Dec-31 (Sat) 21:31:28.JPG
Anny suggestions of the rule or rules I need to accomplish this would be most welcome.


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Re: Confused about renaming

Yes, it's possible! There are 3 things you have to do:

1) use rule like Delete to clear the name, leave only extension;
2) Insert two Meta tags ":EXIF_DateOriginal:" and ":EXIF_TimeOriginal:" as prefix;
3) configure the Date and Time format in Settings to be:
    Date: yy-mmm-dd (ddd)
    Time: hh.nn.ss
Note: you can't use ":" as a time separator, it's a forbidden character for the filename!

That will do the trick smile


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