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Help on Syntax and placeholder/wildcards please

ok the renamer tool looks great, but i am in need of some help (read: doc)

Basically I want to do stuff like change a bunch of files that are A1[1].txt, a1[2].txt, etc to A1.htm, A2.htm

so I am looking for things like match any number or remove the [*] where "*" is a number.

also building filenames with dates or auto increment with 4 positions for the number starting at 0001 and increment by 5.

so A00001.jpg, A02312321.jpg become A0001.jpg, A0005.jpg, etc



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Re: Help on Syntax and placeholder/wildcards please

Here is the solution to the first problem:
1) Extension - htm
2) Case - All upper
3) CleanUp - strip contents of [..]
4) Strip - digits
5) Serialize - from 1 step 1 at suffix (skip extension)

Just make sure that filenames don't clash, ReNamer would give a warning,
then you would need to have a look at this topic to fix it:


The second problem... well, I don't see any problem there wink
Just strip all the digits, and use Serialize rule with a "step = 5",
and read the topic above if your filenames collide...

Tell us how it goes, ok? smile


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