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Windows Shell (menu) Integration

Can you pretty please have the option to have Windows Shell Integration so that when I right click a file in Windows in the menu there is a Hasher option to calculate the file's hash value. There could be a sub-menu so that you can choose which hash to use (MD5, SHA1, etc). When you click on this it should then open the program and calculate the selected hash value.

If you can think of a way to further develop this so that you can calculate hash values from within your browser.
eg right click on a link to a file in Firefox/IE/Opera and get the option to calculate hash value, when selected it downloads file to temp folder and calculates has to selected hash method (eg MD5, SHA1, etc). If hash is same then gives option to move/save file somewhere else on comp otherwise it will delete the file when hasher is closed.

Thanks for the programs please keep developing.


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Re: Windows Shell (menu) Integration

At the moment, I don't have any spare time at all. But I will put the "Windows Shell Integration" idea on to my "to do" list, and will implement it as the time will let me. Before that, you could emulate this behavior, by adding Hasher link to the "Send To" menu. If you want to have a link for each hash type, simply create several copies of hasher and specify different default hash type in the settings. Then, put links for all these copies into the "Send To" menu - and you got your shell integration working smile

Firefox/IE/Opera integration is a very complicated task. Each browser have its own way for extensions, and they might not allow these kind of features or they will be too difficult and time consuming for discovering and implementing. I have to say "no" to this one, sorry.


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