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ReNamer 6.8

This is a major update to ReNamer which brings several new features and optimizations.

Here are the most significant changes:

  1. Presets can be organized into a directory structure (Pro version only).

  2. Serialize file names using Decimal digits (0..9), English letters (a..z), Roman numerals (I,II,III,IV,...), Simplified Chinese.

  3. Added "Reset if file name changes" option to the Serialize rule.

  4. Handle MIME encoding in email meta tags.

  5. Unicode support for "Send To" and "Create Links" options.

  6. Major speed-up when clearing hundreds of thousands of files.

  7. Several new functions for Pascal Script rule.

Presets directory structure:

Serialize with Roman numerals:

Full list of changes:

* Optimized files table clearing operation. Clearing all files is significantly faster now.
* Refactored files table import operation.
* Include directories with a system attribute when scanning for presets.
* Show presets directory structure limitation message in Save Preset and Presets Manager.
* Reapply presets limitations after a preset was deleted in Presets Manager.
* Localized filter title in the dialog for importing presets.
* Ignore file extension when sorting presets.
* Sort the list of translit alphabets.
* Meta tags: Decoded escape sequences when extracting complete mailbox specifications.
* Meta tags: Handle tab char (#9) as a fold char in email headers.
* Meta tags: Handle folded (wrapped/multiline) email headers.
* Meta tags: Handle escape sequences in mailbox specification.
* Meta tags: Decode multiple contained MIME encoded words in email headers.
* Meta tags: Decode MIME encoded email subject line and addressee names.
* Meta tags: Extract unquoted name from a mailbox addressee specification.
* A more user-friendly error message when the application of renaming rules on text fails.
* Rearranged Z-order of options to avoid covering up of the radio button in the User Input rule, due to increased system font size.
* Changed the order of options in the Serialize rule for a more natural flow.
* Display separate counters for skipped unmarked files and skipped unchanged files.
* Added new functions to Pascal Script: WideMatchesMask, WideMatchesMaskList, WideSameFileName, WideReverseString, RandomString.
* Refactored registration of custom types and functions in Pascal Script.
* Support directory structures for presets (Pro version).
* Do not show "preset not found" warning in silent command line mode.
* Apply license restrictions to the creation of preset links.
* Show message with the number of successfully created preset links.
* Save Preset dialog is now resizable.
* Allow ampersand sign "&" to be used in preset names.
* Forbid saving a preset with an empty name.
* Added a selection of numeral systems to the Serialize rule: Decimal digits (0..9), English letters (a..z), Roman numerals (I,II,III,IV,...), Simplified Chinese, Custom alphabetic and Custom numeric.
* Avoid a crash when Randomize rule is misconfigured with an empty character set.
* Refactored UTF8 code point splitting routines.
* Added "Reset if file name changes" option to the Serialize rule.
* Added FileReadTextLines function to Pascal Script.
* Added UsePlusAsSpace parameter to URLDecode function.
* Modified import/export icons to minimize ambiguity of color and direction of arrows.
* Added "New Instance" option for opening a new application instance.
* Option "Create Links" can now handle Unicode preset names.
* Option to add a link to "Send To" folder is now Unicode capable.
* Updated Japanese language file. Thanks to Tilt.
* Updated Chinese Simplified language file. Thanks to Max Wander.
* Updated Italian language file. Thanks to Vittorio Ierardi.
* Updated Russian language file.
* Other internal changes.


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