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Shutter 4.1

A revamped version of Shutter is ready for action!

Shutter has undergone a migration to a newer and more productive development environment (Lazarus + Free Pascal). This greatly improves the development capabilities, integration with newer operating systems and facilitated the implementation of exciting new features listed below.

New features:

  1. Built-in multilingual capability. See how you can translate.

  2. Unicode support for all features.

  3. Secure communication (HTTPS) for the Web Interface.

  4. Templating system for the Web Interface.

  5. User data is stored in the user profile directory for the installer version.

  6. New methods for monitoring user inactivity.

  7. New "Screenshot" action.

Here is just an example of some events and actions in operation:


Full list of changes:

* Converted application project from Delphi 7 to Lazarus/FPC.
* Dropped support for Windows 9x platform. New list of supported platforms: Windows 2000 and later.
* Added multilingual support using PO files contained in Languages folder.
* Unicode support for all features (except autorun via registry).
* Store all user data in user profile directory for the installer version.
* Automatic migration of data from VirtualStore.
* Added 256x256 application icon.
* Added new "Screenshot" action, with sequential and date stamped naming options.
* Added browser icon for the Web Interface.
* Editable template files for the Web Interface. Default templates adhere to HTML5 standard specs.
* Implemented HTTPS (SSL/TLS) prococol for the Web Interface.
* Bundled OpenSSL library (openssl-1.0.2j-i386-win32).
* Added PNG screenshot format to the Web Interface. JPEG format remains optional.
* Added a choice of methods for monitoring user inactivity (Last Input Event, Low Level Hook, Injection Hook).
* Fixed incorrect status of the Window event when it is inactive.
* Translation friendly statement and status messages of events and actions.
* Added built-in version information, moving to x.x.x.x versioning.
* Use Settings.ini instead of <Application>.ini naming for settings.
* Correctly handle ampersands in preset names.
* Fixed cropped screenshot on High DPI desktops.
* Changed action/event configuration dialog to be resizable and increased initial size.
* Accept dropped directories in the Screenshot action configuration window.
* Improvements to the registration procedure.
* Refactored window enumeration routine.
* Increased width of action buttons on the main form, to better fit localized text.
* Display a message when an incorrect protection password is entered and offer to retry.
* Refactored preset management functions.
* Sort the list of presets by name.
* Added Russian language file.
* Added French language file. Thanks to Igor Lachaud.
* Added partial German language file. Thanks to Michael Weßeling.

P.S. All these changes come at a cost of having to drop support for obsolete versions of Windows 9x, so now the minimum operating system requirement is Windows 2000.


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