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After renaming files their icons disappeared

I had a group of photos that I used Batch Rename to process.  After renaming the files, the pictures no longer display as icons (showing a thumbnail of the photo) in MS Explorer, but now I just have generic icon symbols.  Can this be fixed, or is it a bug?


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Re: After renaming files their icons disappeared

This is a common bug in both the File Explorer and Windows in general. The thumbnail cache gets corrupted, or runs out of memory or something else silly that Microsoft never really fixed properly.

You should try clearing the thumbnail cache first. If that doesn't help, try searching online for a solution or contact Microsoft.

For example, see these instructions to get you started:
https://windowsreport.com/thumbnail-pre … t-showing/

P.S. I'm assuming you only renamed the files and didn't actually alter the content of files.


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