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How to have event continue to run after triggering?


I have a ping stop monitor.  I use it to reset my WiFi if I lose connection to my router.  I do this by having the command execute a windows task scheduler item which uses netsh commands to power wifi off and back on again.  I use the windows task scheduler to handle the admin privileges required to run without user interaction.

It all works except, once shutter detects the event and executes the command, then the event is no longer running.  I would like to have Shutter continue to monitor the ping stop even after it has been triggered once.

How can I accomplish this?  I haven't found any obvious settings about this.  Sorry if I overlooked something obvious.  Thank you.


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Re: How to have event continue to run after triggering?

You probably want to do these adjustments to your preset in Shutter:

1) Add "Utilities" action as the last action, and configure it to restart events.
2) Add "Countdown" event before the "Ping" event, and configure it with some reasonable delay like 1 minute, to avoid potential race conditions.

Also, you might want to try the latest development version, it contains a few improvements for the Ping event. See the changelog for more details.


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