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Pricing and maintenance period update

We are updating the pricing and extending the maintenance period in response to economical and sociological turmoil of the recent years.

The software development process has been affected by several factors outside of our control. This has negatively impacted the frequency of major releases. To counter that, we decided to extend the maintenance period, also known as the free upgrade period, from 1 to 2 years for new licenses issued from October 2022 onward. Hopefully this will give you a piece of mind when it comes to purchasing a license.

Furthermore, the rising cost of pretty much everything adds substantial pressure on sustainability of many businesses. The annual inflation rate across Europe is around 10%, with some countries exceeding 20%. In order to offset the rising costs, we have to marginally increase the base price across all products, effective from February 2023.

In any case, we remain dedicated to providing quality software development and support. This year we hope to bring several exciting new features to our products and services, but more on that later.


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