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Import old presets, limited to 5 presets

I have been using ReNamer for a few years. I have created more than 25 presets during that period. Now I am changing and upgrading laptops. I have tried to transfer the current presets to the new install of ReNamer on another HD. All the files transfer OK but when accessing them through the Presets/Load menu only the first five are clickable the rest are greyed out. Does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of presets that can be transferred in the non commercial version?


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Re: Import old presets, limited to 5 presets

See the Homepage > https://www.den4b.com/products/renamer
and there >> Lite vs Pro >>> https://www.den4b.com/compare/renamer

Do you have already a pro license and need to register it on your new laptop? Do you need support?


Read the  *WIKI* for HELP + MANUAL + Tips&Tricks.
If ReNamer had helped you, please *DONATE* to Denis or buy a PRO license. (Read *Lite vs Pro*)


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Re: Import old presets, limited to 5 presets

The maximum number of accessible presets is limited to 5 in the Lite version, see the full comparison of features between Live and Pro.

This was introduced back in 2013, as it was necessary to support future development, see the full story of how it all evolved into Lite vs Pro.


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