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Hooker 3.4

This is a small feature update for the infamous Hooker tool.

Sending logs by email via SMTP protocol now fully supports SSL/TLS encryption, for a secure transmission of credentials and the log data. OpenSSL library comes bundled with the download package, so there is no external dependencies.

By the way, the name Hooker was derived from a programing term Hook, which is a special type of callback function which intercepts events or other function calls, for example, keyboard activity events. That is unlike the popular interpretation.


Full list of changes:

* Using a newer SMTP mailer library.
* Bundled OpenSSL library (openssl-1.0.2j-i386-win32).
* Added SMTP mailer encryption options: SSL/TLS, STARTTLS.
* Added a link to a help article describing email security options.
* Fixed potential encoding mangling when saving the log.
* Renamed Close action to Exit, less ambiguous.
* Added a menu option to show credits/acknowledgments.
* Updated copyright information.
* Updated application icon.


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