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ReNamer 7.2

ReNamer 7.2 has been released.

Highlights of changes:

  • Added an option to strip Unicode marks (combining, diacritics, accents) in the Clean Up rule.

  • Append the preset if SHIFT key is down when clicking on the present menu option, otherwise load normally.

  • Changed the default color used for highlighting affected names from red to blue, due to popular consensus.

  • Added font meta tags: Font_Name, Font_FamilyName, Font_PostScriptName, Font_Revision.

  • Added File_FolderPath meta tag.

  • Added ScanDateTime and TryScanDateTime functions to Pascal Script.

  • Improved CSV imports and exports, use RFC 4180 compliant handler.

  • Do not offer to create desktop shortcut in the installer.

  • Added and updated many language files.

  • Fixed several minor visual issues.

See the full changelog between v7.1 and v7.2 for more details.


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