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How start event monitoring after status change (=not idle any more)?

I setup the following event+action:

When "User inactive" then "Run program"

It works.

However it works only 1 (=first) time.

Assume I return from outside the room after a longer time back to my computer and move the mouse.

The computer is not idle (=inactive) any more.

So Shutter should start again to monitor my computer for inactivity state.
When I leave the computer again and the time limit (e.g. 10 minutes) is reached the assigned program should be run again.

Currently I have to start event monitoring in Shutter manually again.

How can I automatically re-start Shutter event monitoring as soon as the user is not inactive any more?

Thank you

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Re: How start event monitoring after status change (=not idle any more)?

Hi Peter.

It is easy to get Shutter to keep restarting the events after they got triggered, by using the "Restart events" option in the "Utilities" action. But a detection of when user has become active again is not yet available.

I suppose an option can be added to the "User inactive" event which would make the event trigger when user becomes active again after being inactive for the specified period of time.


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