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It's Unclear How to Get Support


I just purchased Renamer, because it's such a great product.

One of the reasons for the purchase is because I'm looking for
support on a rule.

It's not that complicated, but involves the REPLACE rule using
WILDCARDS, and I'm sure the geniuses that created this product
can answer the question in less than two minutes.

The problem is ...

They claim that the contact info "can be located in the ABOUT PAGE
of any product.

This is an extremely obscure way offering support, and I'm sure it's
there ... I just can't find it.

Can anyone offer the answer.

Thanks, George


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Re: It's Unclear How to Get Support

Hi George.

Forum is a great place to get help, so you found the right place. This is one of 4 different ways of getting help.

The support email address is provided in the About dialog of every product. Once you start the application, navigate to the Help menu and open the About dialog. Alternatively, press Shift+F1 shortcut.

You can also respond to the emails that you had received with your order details and product registration code.

Since you have joined the forum already, feel free to open a new topic with your question. Or you can send it by email if you prefer.


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Re: It's Unclear How to Get Support

Thank you my friend. 

I'll just take a moment to acknowledge the quality of your support for the rest of the community.  I received a VERY CLEAR RESPONSE in less than 5 minutes. 

That's HUGE, and I appreciate it a great deal.

That being said ...

I guess I'll start by posting the details in the forum under a better title
that's more reflective of the technical content of the question itself.

Thanks again, George


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