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How to (autom.) export and import all current Events and Actions?

Due to some external reasons my Win system crashed 3 times in the last 6 months.
After restart all my previous Shutter Actions and Events were lost.

I guess Windows performed automatically some kind of cleanup resp. reset and wiped all Shutters entries from Registry (?).

So it would be useful if Shutter could automatically create a backup of all the current Events and Actions.
As soon as Shutters starts, finds no active Events+Actions it should automatically restore the Actions and Events from this backup.

Alternatively Shutter should offer for users a 1-click export and a 1-click import of such a backup file.

Can this be implemented?
Thank you


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Re: How to (autom.) export and import all current Events and Actions?

All application data is stored in the user profile directory, as documented on the wiki:

You can backup and restore the entire folder:


Everything except the license data is stored there.


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