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Start Shutter from cmdline with preset not working

I defined an Event-Action combination and saved it in "Preset" sub folder as "test7.spr"

Now I want to start Shutter with exactly this Preset file as parameter. Therefore I entered at the command line:

Shutter.exe /preset test7.spr

...but got an error

"Failed to load preset: test7.spr

Whats wrong?

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Re: Start Shutter from cmdline with preset not working


Try without extension ---> Shutter.exe /preset test7

For me, it is easier to save command as .bat file, including the command to run from any partition. Here is the example:

cd /D "C:/Program Files (x86)/Shutter/" & Shutter.exe /preset test7

It might help someone. smile

It would be nice if the corresponding wiki page could have some real command examples, to avoid any confusion smile

Denis, I noticed when the command is executed successfully, there is no message like "Successful execution" or something like that. Could we have it? Some automation tools execute commands but they require some kind of 'command end' message in order to continue further execution.

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