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Does ReNamer works with "Box" or "Dropbox"?

Have any of you used Renamer in Box? I have a project I think would benefit greatly from this excellent tool, but am not sure if it presents problems with the Box platform. I would like to know before I ask the company to consider buying a license and trying it out. If it doesn't cause problems it could save a huge amount of time.



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Re: Does ReNamer works with "Box" or "Dropbox"?

ReNamer works only with local or standard network share file systems (SMB/CIFS).

If your Box or Dropbox or any other similar service is synchronized onto your local disk, then you can apply ReNamer to those files in a normal way. However, ReNamer does not have a kind of cloud file storage management feature that will allow you to connect directly to Box or Dropbox or any other similar service to manage files remotely, without synchronizing them to your local file system.


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