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Date renaming, dd mmmm yyyy template does not trigger renaming.

Tried to rename few files, but for some reason was unable to trigger rule, while template for date search should be matching.

Any quick suggestions why such rules does not trigger changes on dates?
found few similar samples you provided, but in my case those simply refuse to apply.

ReNamer 7.2
As author suggested in email, I should report mine OS Locale, and it's Latvia.
So my entire OS language, is English, but for dates, currency etc. I use one relevant to location.

And indeed switching to USA, makes rule start to apply.
Plus if you leave other locale, you can check USE CUSTOM LONG MONTHS, and in dropdown select Default ones which are in English, this also will make rule to apply.


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Re: Date renaming, dd mmmm yyyy template does not trigger renaming.

It looks like you have already identified the cause of the issue and a way to address it.

Month names in the Reformat Date rule are dictated by the system locale. So, on a system with Latvian locale, the expected month names will be in Latvian, i.e. Janvāris for January, Februāris for February, and so on.

As you have already discovered, you can override that behavior by defining custom month names in the rule configuration. An alternative way is to temporarily change the system locale to a country that uses English month names, such as US or UK.


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