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ReNamer 7.5

ReNamer 7.5 has been released.

Highlights of changes:

  • Added new features to the Regular Expressions engine: named groups, non-capturing groups, atomic groups, lookaround (positive and negative), possessive quantifier and Unicode categories.

  • Added an option to remove duplicate extensions.

  • Added IPTC_Keywords meta tag.

  • Added global variables in Pascal Script: SetGlobalVar, GetGlobalVar and other related functions.

  • Added WinCPToUTF8 and UTF8ToWinCP functions for Pascal Script.

  • Interpret the plus sign "+" literally in wildcard replacements.

  • Added Croatian language file. Thanks to Marko Puskaric.

  • Updated Russian, Italian, French, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese language files.

See the full changelog between v7.4 and v7.5 for more details.


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