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Subtract a second from time in the filename

Been a while...

Anyway hoping i can do this to save me some time..

Is there a  way to subtract a second from a named file for example

i have my flac music files named like this

Mud - 01 - Dyna-Mite (3.00)

the duration added at the end by a tag program, however some of the times the duration is slightly wrong it is always a second longer when compared to the log of the file so for example the log of that file is (2.59)

is there a way i could reduce that duration by a second so i could simply drag a load of files and have renamer pro rename them minus the 1 second

ie Mud - 01 - Dyna-Mite (3.00)

would be

Mud - 01 - Dyna-Mite (2.59)

Thanks for the help.


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Re: Subtract a second from time in the filename

This is actually a great task for the Reformat Date rule.

Rule configuration:

  • Find format: n.ss

  • Convert to format: n.ss

  • Match as whole words only: YES

  • Skip extension: (as you wish)

  • Adjust time by: -1 seconds


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Re: Subtract a second from time in the filename

Wonderful solution.

Works fine for me.

Now I understand better how this works (match the wanted by using fitting "Find format" and "Convert to format")

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