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Meta Tag for "Media Created"

I'm pulling in a lot of game camera mp4 videos, and consistently get issues with getting  correct timestamps in the file names.

When i use Windows get properties, I see in the Details section for the file, under Origin, it lists a "Media created" date.   This appears to be correct for the videos.

I've tried different meta tags within ReNamer to see if any of these are getting this date, but haven't found it.

Does anyone know a tag that will pull this... or some way I can reliably either copy to another exif field to get it... or other method to use it?


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Re: Meta Tag for "Media Created"

Have you tried these?

For videos, MediaInfo script. For images, ExifTool and Exiv2.

These scripts use third party meta data extraction tools within a PascalScript rule in ReNamer.

Let us know if you get the desired output, it would be useful for future development purposes.


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