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Install location and autorun from temp

Greetings from Alabama, USA.

CPUMonBeta (14 Aug 2007)

The first time I ran the program, I downloaded CPUMonBeta.zip to C:\Downloads, double-clicked it, and ran it straight from within the zip app. I know this is not the proper way to do this, but let me explain what happens. This procedure actually places CPUMon.exe in C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Temp folder; and when the user kills the app, it places the ini file there, also. If the user sets the app to 'Auto run on startup', it makes the registry entry to autorun from this temp location, as well.

This in and of itself is not a horrible thing and is technically not a bug. However, this location information is never conveyed to the user. I found it by using msconfig and noticing it was using the registry autorun feature to launch on start-up from my profile temp folder. The potential problem appears if the user or a cleanup program clears out the temp folder. Now, CPUMon and its ini file are gone, and the registry autorun logs an app start-up failure on every reboot.

If you can't control this programmatically, I suggest instructing the user to unzip CPUMon.exe and place it somewhere more permanent. I put it in C:\Apps\CPUMon, and then ran it and told it to auto start.

WinXP Pro SP2


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Re: Install location and autorun from temp

You are right, it is not a bug. Users which you are talking about should be downloading the Installer version. Archive (ZIP) version is for advanced users, as it says on my download page. And people who download the ZIP version, would be aware that the auto-run would bind the program to a particular location.

There is not point for putting these instructions for the ZIP version.


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